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“Mission Illumination”

30+ of my original works of art are on display Now – until the end of November 2021 throughout the Lutheran Church of Hope’s gallery located at 925 Jordan Creek Pkwy, West Des Moines, Iowa.

God is continuously transforming and inspiring me! Since rehab in 2017 I’ve been learning, listening and reflecting on what God puts on my heart. I’ve been really trying to listen to my heart and move when the sneaky Spirit nudges me. My relationship with God has become much deeper and richer the more I get to know Jesus. Gods wants to draw us close to Him so we can experience His unconditional love, unending mercy and grace which is for everyone who’s feet touch this holy ground we all live on. EVERYONE!! Every breathing being deserves to be loved, fed and cared for. We need to be kind to all people and be of service. It starts in our ♥️ when you look at other people what are you thinking? When I start to judge others I quickly start praying that God surrounds us so those thoughts don’t start to take root in my heart. Our mind set needs to change, we need to focus back on Jesus.

Really ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” Try to envision how He would react to some of the situations we find ourselves in. Would he lash out in anger or close a blind eye or would he lovingly help. Some people think that money, material wealth and fame is where you find happiness but it’s all a trap. There’s nothing wrong with making lots of money or being well known but if that’s your main focus you will have missed it.

That is why I continue to paint for God. I want people to know Jesus and I’ll use every chance I get to witness to someone. Because Jesus saved my life! I don’t want you to miss it!


“The purpose of this life is to understand and know God.


This is out of the daily devotion: In other words, Jeremiah says that what matters in life is not your brains (wisdom), nor your body (strength), nor your bank account (riches). None of these provide the purpose of your life. The purpose of your life is to understand and know God (v.24a). If you know God and his kindness, justice and righteousness, then you will imitate him and bring him delight (v.24b). –Bible in one year 2021 with Nicky Gumbel

You will find the meaning to your life through a relationship with God. Being in a relationship with God, He will call us to move and take action. We are called to hold each other up because it’s incredibly challenging being human. True joy comes from humbling ourselves and asking God what he wants us to do and then serve. We are called to be an ambassadors for God everywhere we find ourselves. At home or work, in traffic or in parking lots, in lines waiting, at your child’s sporting events or pro sporting events, posting on social media, what your posting during elections, or about COVID, who’s vaccinated and who’s not, mask or no masks. We all really need to take a step back and shake the devils stronghold off of us because all of this petty trivial stuff is causing a huge division in this nation and the world. We need to find common ground and respect each other even when we don’t agree.

Who are you living for?

Touch the link above to view time lapse video.

If everyone could start living like this man named Jesus who is humble, compassionate, full of grace and forgiveness we could change this world. To be like Jesus we have to let go of our ego, pride and selfish ways. Look to the cross and see what He did for all of us. Ultimate sacrifice!

I’m watching the tv drama series The Chosen, based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth, created, directed and co-written by American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins. It is the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus, and season one was the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time. It’s AHHHMAZING!! The Lutheran Church of Hope Creative Arts Ministry is currently doing an online zoom study on The Chosen series that I’m so happy to be apart of. First of all…Wow!!! This series is so well done, it has made this journey with Jesus even richer. To be able to physically see how patient, kind and loving Jesus is makes it easy to see how we should be carrying ourselves as well. The actors do such a great job and the writers made it so easy to relate to everyone we’ve heard stories about. The Bible literally coming to life. I highly recommend watching this and sharing it with everyone!

Some of the artwork that is on display now is also from my Exodus Exhibit from fall of 2018. Thank you again to everyone for lending me the artwork so I could share it again. I believe God is working through the artwork in unique ways. I’ve been blessed to witness people who are moved by some of them and I know that they are experiencing the Holy Spirit. I’m practicing how to be obedient to God and just pour my heart and soul into everything I do. God is on the move big time but we have to be paying attention, be present.

Hope Exhibition Fall 2021

Currently on display until the end of November 2021.

For the last few years since my last exhibit at Hope I’ve been following Jesus and co-creating artwork with the Holy Spirit. I’ve been learning to empty myself of self and open my heart, mind and soul to allow the Holy Spirit to work through me. This entire experience has radically transformed my life and has been extremely healing. I am so honored to have my artwork on display at my church where I found my faith and purpose. My mission is to live a life that honors Jesus and share my journey as it unfolds. I am so thankful for the places that God has guided me to and the people that He has put on my path. Thank you Jesus for saving my life!! Thank you Lutheran Church of Hope Creative Arts Ministry for the opportunity to share my artwork.

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