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PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS 🙌🏼 I’m so excited to announce…My Artwork is Installed!!! SOLO EXHIBITION of my original artwork at…

Compass Financial Services, 4801 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, Iowa.

For two months my work will be on display and open to the public for free viewing from JANUARY 5 – FEBRUARY 28, 2023 8am – 4pm M-F. I invite you to come and see how God has been moving through my life.

Any artwork purchased from this exhibit will be available to pick up or have it shipped 2-3 weeks after the installation is taken down. Thank you for checking out my site and artwork. Much love for all the support!!

Original artwork on display is available to purchase through my website Store under Featured Products.

Renae Zanella Artist

Iowa Native

Born, raised and currently living in this beautiful state of Iowa. Renae and her husband moved to the rolling hills of Guthrie Center, spring of 2019. Creativity and following Christ has been a part of her family for many generations. Growing up around artsy and faith-led people has really influenced her life and her art. She works mainly with acrylic paint and favors abstract mixed media. Renae is a self taught artist inspired by the creator of Heaven and Earth, dreams, visions and real life experiences. She’s drawn to nature and the complexity this world displays. Everyday, she thanks God for creating such an insanely, amazing experience with extravagant dimensions that we all get to share. She’s a bold believer in the power of love and art.


She has painted through some of her life’s most difficult times as well as through some huge celebrations! In the last few years, creating art has become an even richer experience for her because she recently turned her life around to God. March 2017, she was at the darkest point of her life consumed by her alcohol abuse and all the trauma from 20+ years of struggling.  Before she checked herself into inpatient rehab, she applied for a job at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines and prayed for a breakthrough. During rehab she started experiencing a spiritual awakening that changed the way she looked at things. The day before she successfully completed rehab she received a phone call notifying her that she got the job on the facilities crew at Hope. She started working at Hope Easter weekend which felt like she was literally being raised from a dark grave she never thought she would be able to escape.  She soon discovered the Creative Arts Ministry in the basement. This is where God catapulted her onto this path of discovery and exploration with scripture and creativity.

The Holy Spirit moved through the Creative Arts Ministry and gave Renae direction with purpose. But even more important, she recognized her gift which strengthened her faith. Praying and reading scripture before she creates has changed everything about her creative experience and really everything about the way she lives her life.


Renae’s mission is to learn more about Jesus so she can become just like him. This inspires her creative art journey as she shares her faith in as many ways as possible. Renae wants everyone to know the power of God’s transformational love that saved her life. The message is becoming very clear to her that it’s not about her at all. It’s all about allowing God to work through us. This creative process with our Maker has become a time of deep prayer and conversation, growing her relationship with God.

Renae invites you to check out her Blogs where she writes and reflects about her artwork. She ties scripture to each art piece hoping to spread the Word of God to this broken world. She also creates time-lapsed video reels on instagram, @renaezanella, showing the process of creating her work.

All of this is transforming Renae from the inside which has been very healing and therapeutic. She’s been learning how to let go and have authentic encounters with the Creative Spirit Within.

Thank you so much Cheryl Hurst and Compass Financial for this awesome opportunity!!!

Compass Financial

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