“By The Bent Mississippi River”

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“By The Bent Mississippi River”

My husband suggested that I paint something and leave it for the host of the Airbnb we just stayed at. This is the view from the lil bungalow that hugs the bent Mississippi River. They had a neat collage of framed umbrella photographs in the living room. Umbrellas symbolize the canopy of Heaven, Shelter and Protection. It’s a metaphor for something that brings Unity. Red stands for passion wether that’s violence or Love. It also represents Sacrifice and Strength.

Ukraine has been on my mind and in my heart steadily praying for a breakthrough!!! I keep asking God what can I do to help?? I can Love everyone that crosses my path. We all have the power to send ripples into the world. We can be creative or destructive. Choose to spread LOVE ❤️ random acts of kindness.

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