Renae Zanella


I am a self taught artist inspired by the creator of Heaven and Earth, dreams, visions and real life experiences. I‘m drawn to nature and the complexity this world displays. Everyday I thank God for creating such an insanely amazing experience with extravagant dimensions that we all get to share. I’m a bold believer in the power of love and art.

Born, raised and currently living in this beautiful state of Iowa. My husband and I moved to the steady rolling hills of Guthrie Center spring of 2019. We’re both self-employed working full time together installing hardwood floors, tile, custom carpentry and several other services. I invite you to check out our website: zanellaconstruction.com

Most of the work we do is in the Des Moines area. Favorite part of my day is driving back home to experience complete silence in the country. This acreage has definitely became a retreat and a place to recharge not only for us but for our family and friends too.

Joshua 4:1-7

Creativity and following Christ has been apart of my family for many generations. Growing up around artsy and faith led people has really influenced me and my art. I work mainly with acrylic paint and favor abstract mixed media. I’ve been collecting several different materials for texture that I glue to my canvases. Sand, coffee grains, string, leaves, eggshells, paper towels, seeds, sawdust and the list keeps growing. Just like God uses everything for His good. I see almost everything as material for art.

I love traveling with my husband and taking a ton of photographs to journal our experiences. A lot of my inspiration comes from all the places we’ve traveled.

Art has always been more than just apart of my life, it’s apart of my very being. I can’t describe the feeling it creates in me but music and dancing make me feel that same way. I have music on most of the time but lately I’ve been also trying to sit in silence. So many ways to be creative and so many things still to discover.

I have painted through some of my life’s most difficult times as well as through some huge celebrations! In the last few years creating art has become an even richer experience for me. I recently turned my life around to God.

March 2017, before I checked myself into rehab I applied at Lutheran Church of Hope. I was upfront about my struggles with alcohol and that I was about to admit myself into impatient rehab for 30 days. The facility’s lead said he would consider giving me a chance after he got the background check back. We stayed in contact and just days before sucessfully completing rehab I was offered the job on the facilities team at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines.

Durning rehab I had a spiritual awakening that started to change the way I looked at things. It was as if something just clicked, I felt like I was being called to be around the Church. I had been praying desperately for God to breakthrough into my life. It was perfect to work in God’s house everyday while I was so fresh in my recovery. Something about it made me feel safe. So after rehab I did not move back to quad cities I stayed in Des Moines for awhile. I soon discovered the Creative Arts Ministry in the basement. I knew they had beautiful art in the gallery and live art during Christmas and Easter but I did not know there was a ministry for the arts!

I was beyond excited when I was introduced to the art director at that time who completely inspired me and gave me direction. But more importantly she helped me recognize my gift which strengthened my faith. She asked me if I prayed before I painted. I had never done that nor had I ever thought about it. It made complete sense to tune into the Holy Spirit and open my heart up to let God work through me.

Learning more about Jesus has completely changed my life. Hearing the sermons on Sunday starts a fire inside me every week. Everyday I want to become more like Christ. The message is becoming very clear to me that it’s not about me at all. It’s all about allowing God to work through me. This has changed everything about my creating experience and really everything about the way I live my life. I am being transformed from the inside. Being creative has become a time I’m in deep prayer and conversation with God. It’s healing and very therapeutic. I’m really just learning how to let the Spirit within me create an authentic expression that comes straight from my heart.

I thank God for this opportunity to share the art that comes from deep within my soul. Thank you to all my family and friends for being such a positive force in my life always showing support. I’m so thankful for the Creative Arts Ministry where the Holy Spirit started stirring this passion within me. It’s amazing to witness what God has been doing through Lutheran Church of Hope. I am deeply grateful for this amazing place!

A very special thank you to my husband who is so supportive and has made room for this creative space in our life. I’m super excited to see how God is going to continue to work through me and others. For the longest time I have only dreamt of having the time, a space and a deeper purpose to create. I had no idea I would learn so much about Jesus and deepen my faith through art. So it’s a true blessing to me and I get to share that! 🙏🏼 Faith & Art