“Silent Strength”

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Silent Strength
24” x 24”
Acrylic mixed media on canvas

Isaiah 30:15

I promised my son this painting over a year ago. He was 23 years old about to be 24 when I finished it. I worked 3 full days trying to send it off to Colorado with my parents in time for his birthday. Sorry it took me so long to get this lion done Logan!

Logan’s face, the sun, was in an exhibition I did fall of 2018 for Lutheran Church of Hope.

The sun is my son, the moon is my mother and the star is my niece. Their faces represent each light God created. We are all meant to reflect God’s light and be the light of the world! I wanted to include my family in the exhibit to represent the living generations carrying out God’s will. Plus it was a blast doing the plaster masks together! Make time for people you do life with…Relationships are everything!

My niece wanted to keep her plaster face to hang in her room. I told my mom and Logan I would love to turn their pieces into something they wanted as a thank you. My mom wanted a butterfly.

Logan asked for a lion. So I reused the canvases after I removed their plaster faces. I saved their faces…not sure what I’ll do with them but I saved them.

New Year’s Eve, the last day of 2019 I got started on Logan’s lion and finished a couple days into 2020. This painting ties the years together. I used some heavy duty Schluter glue to attach it to the canvas.

The sun rays are corn husks from summer 2018
Damp paper towels and Elmer’s glue for his mane.

Once I finished the piece I drove it to the exit off hwy 80 to hand off to my parents who were driving out to Colorado so they could deliver it by his birthday. On the way to meet them the sun started shinning through some clouds and the shadow of the cross was alive, dancing on the painting. It was such a cool moment, God blessed it right before I sent it off.

I know this painting was long overdue and was much anticipated. I prayed deeply for my son as I created this. I prayed for a path of clarity and peace. I prayed he would understand that we were created in the image of our creator. Anything is possible with Christ. I spent way too many years chasing the wrong things I thought would make me happy. But it’s not about finding happiness. It’s not about me or him or you or anyone. It’s about God and His will. It’s about allowing God to work through you.

When you truly open your heart and let go of self, a deep sense of joy literally starts to flow. The kind of joy that remains no matter what life throws at you. An untouchable joy. Knowing that death is conquered and we are loved unconditionally creates a peace within that passes all understanding. We all have a silent strength instilled within us you just have to be silent and listen. I prayed for him to always remain humble, kind and teachable. In order to grow you have to be teachable. Pray for God to use you and ask how you can serve others. Instead of asking God “why” when things happen, ask God “what” are you trying to teach me.

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