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One of my New Years resolutions for 2019 is to create more art. This is a piece I created in January made out of paper towels, lint, fabric softener sheets and acrylic paints.

I started saving things I would normally throw away. Things like fabric softener sheets, lint from the dryer, coffee grains, paper towels, corn stalks and eggshells to name a few. I also save dried flowers, plant leaves, seeds, dried herbs, things I find in nature. My husband laughs when I find another item to start saving. Some of the things probably seem ridiculous to save but I see material I can create art with. They all bring something unique that connects them together through one piece of art.

I’m absolutely in love with creating art that has several different textures in one piece. I love the way light interacts with the texture causing more intense shadows and depth. I have been collecting and saving all types of things I can use in future projects. Not one will be the same.

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