“Reclaim The Power”

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I’m super excited to release this new series called “Reclaim The Power” Originals are available in my store at the link below prints coming soon!

“Reclaim The Power” Available here

I created (10) 12” x 12” x .75”d original mixed media on canvas. Pastels, acrylic paint and acrylic paint markers.

For this series I tried something new by opening my Bible randomly each time before I painted. The artwork I create does not necessarily reflect the Bible verse that I read. But God’s word is being washed over me before, during and after I create. This process is helping me get into the habit of reading the Bible before I start each session. By doing this I am clearing my mind and my thoughts and my expectations and making room for God to work through me. This process is also another way for me to learn God‘s word and reflect that into the artwork. So essentially I am soaking myself and the artwork with God‘s word each time I paint. The entire process is healing me from past trauma. Thank you Jesus!!

Creating this series “Reclaim the Power” transformed the process into a more free, loose and trusting way of creating by letting go and allowing the Holy Spirit to move. Each time I opened my Bible to read before I painted 90% of the time it was right on point with what’s going on in my life or in this broken world. I started to journal next to each verse and mark the date. There was a pattern that started being revealed to me about how Gods people are blinded by the lust for the material world and lost in sin! Kind of like us today! It’s amazing how relevant the Bible is today even though it was written so long ago. Same shit different generation. But we can stop the sins of our fathers from continuing. We can start to have a life that honors our creator.

Everything God has revealed to me makes the mission to spread Gods word even more important to me. Below are the Instagram time lapse progress videos and below each video shows the Bible verses that I read that day.

Progress time lapse

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